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Recycled Computers Form Extraordinary Artwork

Posted on by Danny Nolan

With technology evolving so rapidly, many of us are upgrading our computers all the time and sending our old ones to the local scrap metal dealership for the metals to be recycled. However, there are some who hold on to old computers and use the parts for something a bit more creative…

Artist, Anna Dabrowska, who works under the name Finnabair, uses old and unwanted computers to form part of her original and extraordinary artwork that strongly communicates her belief “in the power of recycling and upcycling”.

Her intricate collages detail a collection of used computer parts as well as a range of non-digital materials, such as buttons, clock faces and even moths! Finnabair made the decision to include more ordinary objects, as well as the digital objects, in order to avoid making her work technologically biased.

Finnabair explains in her own words how her work is “industrial art, or artistic upcycling – with a bit of spiritual feeling” that introduces an unconventional and fresh approach to mixed-media art.

Her artwork has been likened to a mixture of a Tim Burton style dreamscape and steampunk (a sub-genre of science fiction) due to its techy feel. This original blend of technology and dreams has created somewhat of an old-fashioned, romantic notion, engrossing people in her creative work.

So, when your computer pops its clogs, or you decide to trade it in for a newer model, you might just think twice about how others re-use their old computers, and you never know, you might just be inspired to give a steampunk collage a go yourself and put Finnabair to the challenge!

But if you’re not the artistic type and you’d rather dispose of your unwanted computer equipment safely at a licensed recycling plant then please get in touch, or come along to Danjo’s Skip Hire today.  Available to those throughout Croydon, Kingston, Bromley and South East London areas, we can provide reliable and efficient recycling services.

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